“Dan North” is proud to be an operator of the Matronit, the first BRT – Bus Rapid Transit transportation system – in Israel. The Matronit will be the backbone of the new transportation system in the metropolitan area of Haifa. The Matronit stations will be accessible from home, work or school, through new or existing feed lines of buses whose routes, timetables and frequencies will be adjusted to those of the Matronit. This will allow you to enjoy continuous transfer routes and the shortest wait times possible.

During the first stage, the Matronit will operate with three express lines through the suburbs of Haifa, with dedicated lanes and at much higher frequencies than exist today. In the future, additional segments are expected to be added, which will allow for wider distribution and connecting additional areas to the system. By using the advanced “smart information” systems, the Matronit will allow all passengers to plan their trips better, in real time. To plan your trip, click here.

The Matronit vehicles are new and modern, with a high level of finish. Matronit has a number of doors for entry and exit. The second door from the front of the Matronit allows for entry and exit of persons with disabilities using wheelchairs. Please note – you do not need to pass the driver when entering the Matronit. Why?

As to opposed to buses, and similar to the light rail, the payment and charge, also known as validation, for a trip on the Matronit is performed at the platform before boarding the Matronit.

What is validation?

Validation is a charge for an upcoming trip on the Matronit through the “Rav-Kav” card. Validation can be performed at the quick validation station or the purchase stations. Payment and validation do not take place within the Matronit or with the driver. A passenger who has not validated will be considered to have not paid.

Passengers who have purchased daily or monthly passes must still validate their Rav-Kav card before each trip.

Do you remember boarding the bus and having the driver punch a hole in your bus card? Or showing your monthly pass to the driver? Today, on Matronit, all you have to do is validate. It is simple and quick – just place your Rav-Kav on the quick validation machine, wait for the green light and…that’s it!

If there are a number of “travel packages” charged to the Rav-Kav, the quick validation machine will alert the passenger with a red light and refer it to one of the purchase stations at the platform in order to select the package type to be used.

Who doesn’t need to validate?

  • A person who has a paper ticket and no Rav-Kav does not need to validate before the ride, but should instead keep the ticket for inspection.
  • A person who has a certificate of blindness.
  • At this stage, soldiers and policemen in uniform, including with orders, do not need to validate.

Please note: there are control methods used on the Matronit system. In order to prevent being fined, please make sure to validate on the platforms before boarding the Matronit.