Travel on Matronit is subject to payment, and payment for the travel using a valid form of payment must be performed before boarding the Matronit.

The Rav-Kav card may be validated in the card machines on the platform, when the requirement for validation also applies to the owners of a monthly card. A single use travel ticket may be purchased from the card machines, and does not need to be validated.

A paper transfer ticket from other public transportation operators does not require validation at the platform.

Travel without a valid means of payment constitutes a violation of the law!

According to the Traffic Ordinance dated March 20, 2014, an increased tariff (fine) was determined for a traveller who does not pay his fare or does not present a travel ticket to the Matronit supervisor.

For the purpose of enforcing payment, Matronit operates a vast supervision and enforcement system which includes advanced technological methods.

A traveler on Matronit without a valid travel ticket will be required to pay an increased fee (fine), including a financial compensation in the amount of up to NIS 180, and the addition of the full price of his travel ticket, as set forth by law.

To appeal the fine, please contact the Supervisor of Transportation in the Ministry of Transportation in writing at the following address:

Generi A Building, 5 Bank Israel Street, POB 867, Jerusalem 91008.

Please note that only the Supervisor of Transportation has the authority to cancel a fine.